Hello co-­traveler,

For those of you who know us already and are familiar with our way of life we welcome you! This is the place to sign up for our newsletter and keep yourselves updated with our adventures. We try and send out a newsletter as frequently as possible beacuse living a life on the road always brings challenges and stories to write about. Our travels will give you an insight to what we encounter along the way in our external world but we also try and incorporate what is happening to our internal worlds.  There are also lots of photos on the gallery page for you to see.

For those of you who do not know us yet………here you can get a glimpse of who we are and what is motivating our travels.

Wishful thinking

 This is what we started dreaming about, but the trailer and Iveco is what we ended up with….

Eenoude, kleurrijke pipowagen

The dream…

reality... a trailer

…reality !

Hope you will have fun as our co-­traveler.

Love Ine and Mathijs.